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UCI California Federal Statistical Research Data Center 2016 Call for Proposals

Description: The School of Social Sciences at UC Irvine will support applications by UCI researchers to undertake research using confidential data accessed through the Irvine Branch of the California Federal Statistical Research Data Center. Permission to access data in the RDC is granted after completion of a research application submitted through the US Center for Economic Studies (if using Census or other non-health data housed in the RDC) or the National Center for Health Statistics Research Data Center (if using NCHS data) or the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (if using AHRQ restricted access data). Such a proposal includes provision of a detailed research plan as well as meeting other requirements. This call for proposals is intended to cover the direct costs associated with using the UCI Branch for one calendar year.

Eligibility: All UCI research faculty and staff and all graduate students who have advanced to candidacy or are at least in their second year and have their primary advisor be willing to assert that they are ready to take on such a project are eligible to apply. Applications by faculty/students outside of the School of Social Sciences must have matching funding from another source.

Application procedure: Applications are due by April 1. Funds will be awarded by Mid April. Recognizing the lag in applications, the funds can be used starting anytime during the calendar year of the grant competition or the Winter quarter of the following year. Funds will exclusively provide access to the RDC, thus no funds will be awarded unless there is Census/NCHS/other agency approval of an application.

Requirements: The application requires a short project description (meant to jump start the RDC data application process). A successful application requires justification of the need for confidential data, a timeline, and the CV of all investigators as well as agency approval. Faculty applicants also need to identify external funding targets.

RDC information: A description of the data available at the RDC can be found at  We have slides available on the UCI’s RDC website from a presentation by John Abowd from Cornell discussing use of labor market data in the RDC at There are also slides and a youtube video of a talk by Patricia Barnes from the CDC about using NCHS data.



Public Health Seminar. The National Center for Health Statistics: Research Data Center

Expectations of Award Recipients: Funding is contingent on getting approval from the relevant agency (CES/NCHS/AHRQ) to carry out the proposed research. Funds will cover 1 year of access to the RDC. All recipients will need to provide follow-up information on research and funds raised as a result of this grant. All presentations and publications should acknowledge the School of Social Sciences, and should be provided to the School for possible posting.

Selection Criteria: Funds will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  1. Scientific merit of the proposal
  2. Likelihood of the application to Census or NCHS or other agencies being accepted
  3. Qualifications of the investigators

Details: Applications must include the following:

  1. A cover page with the title, list of investigators, and home school or program (Social Sciences, Social Ecology, Public Health, etc.).
  2. A draft no longer than 5 double spaced pages describing the specific aims, the research design and why the restricted use data are a key component, and a discussion of why this will contribute to the literature/what the scientific merit is.
  3. A project timeline describing when the application to the relevant government agency will occur, and when the project will be completed and a first paper submitted. The project must be accepted by the relevant government agency by the end of the Winter Quarter of the year following the grant review.
  4. CVs for investigators.
  5. A letter from an advisor for student applications, making clear that the advisor things the proposal is feasible and viable.
  6. Proposals should be submitted via email with CCRDC FUNDING in the subject line to: Susan Yoshihara,, School of Social Sciences, Zot 5100.


Review: The proposals will be reviewed by a committee chaired by the Executive Director. Antonio Rodriguez-Lopez.

More information about the UCI Branch of the California FSRDC can be found at:








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